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DriRug is all about the fabric. It’s made from a special super-absorbent fabric with a soft and smooth, luxury feel.  It’s lightweight and non-bulky and can dry a fully clipped horse in under 20 minutes.

Whilst DriRug has a wide range of uses, what makes DriRug so special is its ability to dry your horse in super quick time.  Moisture is absorbed into the fabric to dry your horse quickly. The body heat of your horse then dries the rug.  Unlike fleece type rugs, moisture doesn’t sit on top of the rug along the back, which makes DriRug ideal to use as an under-rug. 

DriRug can be used in the stable too, as bedding or hay won’t stick to DriRug. Simply brush off or shake clean ready to use again. 

Yes, the DriRug neck cover comes as standard. It can easily be removed when not needed or for washing.

Check out and download our handy SIZE GUIDE here.  If you need any sizing advice you can drop us an email at or call 07940 169891 to speak to us directly.

DriRug is so versatile that it can be used for anything! Use after bathing, after exercise, as an under-rug, for travelling or in the stable as bedding or hay doesn’t stick, simply shake clean or brush off.

DriRug is lightweight and easily washed in the washing machine, so it’s designed to be used every day!

After bathing, DriRug can dry a fully clipped horse in under 20 minutes.  If your horse has a thick coat the drying process will take longer.

 Begin by putting your DriRug over your horse and do it up using the Velcro straps at the front of the horse and the cross over straps underneath the belly.  Then give your horse a good rub all over with the DriRug, like a towel, to begin the drying process.

The water will absorb into DriRug and the rug will dry the horse. The body heat of the horse will then dry the rug.

Yes, DriRug can be used in the stable on it’s own or as an under-rug as it’s so comfortable for your horse to wear.  Bedding, straw and hay will not stick to DriRug, simply shake clean or brush off after use.

Yes, we have added 3 new products to our range:

  1. DriRug Towel – your new yard essential!
  2. DriRug Mitt –  the ‘must-have’ product to keep in your tack box
  3. DriRug Quarter Sheet – ideal to use for warm up, cool down or after exercise.

DriRug can be easily washed in the washing machine at temperatures up to 60℃. Do not use fabric softeners.

We recommend unclipping the fillet string before washing.  The fillet string can be hand washed in warm water separately.

DriRug can be tumble dried or hang out at room temperature. 

DriRug® is made out of a special super absorbent luxury fabric, made from a blend of split fibres 80% polyester 20% polyamide microfibre weave.

Unlike other microfibre products DriRug® does not use chemically treated fibres, so they don’t wear out.

Both Polyamide and Polyester synthetic fibres are very durable and abrasion-resistant and are designed to absorb but not retain moisture and thus are good for moisture transport to move moisture away from the horse’s body.

We like to think of DriRug as a lifetime product. We don’t use chemicals on the fibres like some of the cheaper microfibre rugs which only stay absorbent for a year and then go into landfill!

DriRug is ideal to travel in. The front chest fastenings are hook and loop fastening eliminating the need for clips or buckles that can get caught.

It’s quick wicking action is great for horses that sweat during travelling without making them too hot. 

No, we make DriRug deep in the shoulder so the rug physically cannot move back under the shoulder and will not rub.

No, our special DriRug fabric means that unlike some fleece rugs, Drirug will not give you or your horse an electric shock!

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